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We help you recruit the best Accounting Finance Professional

We help you recruit the best Accounting Finance Professional in Indonesia to dedicate and work for you 40 hours a week

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There are more benefits associated with outsourcing than just reducing costs

Along your outsourcing journey, your business will be able to tap into additional outsourcing benefits on top of reduced costs such as:

Finance Modelling and Analysis

Whether you need assistance with budgeting, forecasting, investment analysis, or risk assessment, our finance modeling and analysis services provide the tools and knowledge to make data-driven decisions.

Interim CFO

Our interim CFO brings a wealth of experience and strategic financial leadership to guide your company during times of change, such as executive transitions, mergers and acquisitions, or periods of rapid growth.

Strategic Plan and Budget

We analyze market trends, competitor landscapes, and internal capabilities to create strategic roadmaps that drive sustainable growth. Our budgeting expertise ensures efficient resource allocation and cost control for financial stability.

Treasury & Cashflow Management

Our expert team specializes in optimizing your cash flow, maximizing liquidity, and mitigating financial risks. We assist in developing robust cash flow forecasting models, implementing efficient treasury processes, and optimizing working capital management.

Goal Setting, KPI and Incentives measurement

Our team develops effective goal-setting strategies, KPIs, and incentive programs to motivate and reward your workforce, aligning individual and team goals with overall business objectives for high-performance results.

Part time & Interim CFO

Ability for the website to build the desired finance team with the cost projection. Must include years experiences

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