How a medium-sized Australian business with National footprint saves $133,000 a year by outsourcing three of their accounting staff with us.


This case study examines how the organisation successfully implemented 3 x offshore accounting staff to achieve significant cost savings.

An Australian national manufacturer with operations in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia approached us to potentially outsource a couple of their accounting team. They were pressured to maximise their shareholder return and meet the bank covenant. They were looking to save costs in their business processes without sacrificing their output quality. Their finance and administration team consisted of the CFO, 2 x Financial Accountant, 1 x Treasury Officer, 1 x Payroll Officer, 2 x Accounts Receivable, 2 x Accounts Payable and 2 x Factory Administration Officers. Their total company headcount was 155, spread out across Australia, and the Finance Administration team was around 7% of the total headcount. This happened during the pandemic, when Australian had issues with the workforce and the business had difficulties finding people to recruit skilled accounting staff.

The CFO approached us to identify areas where cost savings could be achieved without compromising output quality and efficiency. The CFO and our team held an hour discovery session to identify the problems. As this was the first time the organisation outsourced an offshore role, we suggested the role with the most mundane and repetitive task. Most importantly, the organisation must also consider the pros and cons of offshore outsourcing, especially from the organisation’s cultural point of view.


From the discovery session, it was identified that the Accounts Payable (AP) roles were the one that fits the criteria, primarily due to their mundane and repetitive processing nature that do not require analytical and process improvement. Also, AP officers’ salaries are costly and equivalent to a graduate accountant’s salary, starting from $55,000 to $75,000 plus super and on-cost. Additionally, most AP functions can now be performed by implementing AP Automation software solutions. Lastly, Accounts Payable staff is the least customer facing. Rather they are mostly supplier-facing, which is quite rare as long as the suppliers are paid on time.

The CFO agreed with our suggestion and gave us the green light to begin offshore recruitment. Within seven days, we provided the CFO with three candidates and by day 14, we already selected an offshore AP officer to fill the role. The candidate only had 14 day’s notice period to quit her job, so she can start immediately to work for the Australian business in 28 days. Within the next three months, the CFO approached us again to outsource the second AP officer, and due to an established relationship, we did not require another discovery session, and we immediately began another recruitment. Within 14 days, we managed to recruit the second AP Officer. Fast forward 12 months, we recruited a treasury officer role, completing their third recruitment.


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